Items to bring to Japan

In addition to things necessary for normal travel (passport, change of clothes etc.), we would like to request
the following items for preparations:

General Items
· A copy of passport(Please hand it to ASEACCU 2018 registration desk at the entrance lobby of Elisabeth
University after you arrive at Hiroshima. We will keep your passport information in case of lost passport here
in Japan)
· Rain gear (umbrella)
· Hat
· Writing tools (pencils, black and red pen)
· General medicines (headache, cold, stomach ache etc.)
 For people who have their allergies or daily maintenance medicines such as vitamins and supplements,please do not forget to bring your own medicines. Please take note that Elisabeth University of Music may not provide compatible medicine for patients for safety reasons but we can take you to the hospital in case needed.

Recommended items
· Long-sleeved jacket (for strong air-conditioned rooms)
· Insect repellent spray / Itch cream

For Student,
· Ethnic costumes of each country (if necessary)
· Things necessary for cultural performance (sound source, score etc.)

About communication
Wi-fi is available in some areas only in Elisabeth University of Music. Accommodation hotels also provide Wi-fi
for guest. For participants who needs wi-fi connection at all times, we recommend you to prepare your own
wi-fi gadget for your personal need. According to Hiroshima Airport travel information, travel sim cards are
not available in the airport of Hiroshima. Travel sim cards are available at electronic shops in Hiroshima.


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